The Night Life is run by me, Bex, a book fanatic who is also a bookseller. I love my job. I love to read all sorts, though this blog is almost specifically aimed at Young Adult fiction. I also tend to lean more toward supernatural, but I don't mind reading contemporary, too.

I am more than happy to review books that are sent to me. I don't give good reviews for the sake of it, I will be honest in my opinions, but I do try to find redeeming features. I also copy the reviews I write here to the Goodreads website. I may not blog as often as other bloggers, and I may not have many 'followers' but I do have regular visitors to my site.

I do not do blog tours or author interviews. My personal belief is that if I am agreeing to promote a certain book then I feel forced to give that book the best review possible. I will, at times, promote a publisher of my own choosing if I think they are releasing books that the majority of my audience would enjoy. I do this on the understanding that if I do read any of the books they release, I will not give glowing reviews for the sake of it. My blog is for the books I find interesting and have chosen to read. If I have been lucky enough to receive books from publishers but know I will not be able to read them for a while I will do a spotlight post giving my initial thoughts, which you can find in the tab above called New Additions. I receive no monetary incentive or compensation for anything I write here. 

Being a Bookseller I try to read as much as possible for work, so although I may not get around to reviewing every book I am sent I'm still able to recommend it. This means that although I may have given something a negative review on my blog, this doesn't mean I hate it. I will happily recommend it if it fits what a customer is looking for. Unless its Twilight, obviously. This said, all opinions on this blog remain my own.

The books I review here are from lots of different sources. Anything that is reviewed pre-publication is from the publisher, which I am ever grateful for. Other books are ones that I have purchased from bookstores, charity shops and taken out of the library. I believe its important to support as many of our institutions as possible. Life would be bland without so many places to find good books.

Please note that I cannot currently accept electronic proofs because I do not as yet have an eReader, nor do I read on my computer. This may change in a few months but at the moment it is physical books only.

I have an online presence on my Twitter page (@rebeccapoolton), so if you would like to chat to me or send me a recommendation, or anything at all, you can reach me there or email me at rebecca@nightlife-books.com. 

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