3 Feb 2016


This is a chilling new thriller that gets into the heart and mind of the killer, and the victim...Seventeen-year-old Tessa, dubbed a 'Black-Eyed Susan' by the media, became famous for being the only victim to survive the vicious attack of a serial killer. Her testimony helped to put a dangerous criminal behind bars - or so she thought. 

Now, decades later the black-eyed susans planted outside Tessa's bedroom window seem to be a message from a killer who should be safely in prison. Haunted by fragmented memories of the night she was attacked and terrified for her own teenage daughter's safety, can Tessa uncover the truth about the killer before it's too late?

Oh Black-Eyed Susans, where have you been all my life?? I absolutely adored this book.

When Tessie was a child she was abducted along with several other women by a serial killer and was later found, half dead and with no memory, buried in the ground. Her testimony led to the arrest of a man, but when Black-Eyed Susan's are left planted in various locations she begins to wonder if she had got the right man.

The story is shown both through Tessa's struggles to live a normal life in the present as an adult, and flashed back to just after the incident and before the trial, with her best friend Lydia. It so infuriatingly good; like being on a fairground ride where you're slowed down and think the ride is about to end until you're flung in a completely different direction. For so much of the book I was certain that I knew who had done it. I was sadly wrong, time and time again.

The narrative voice of both Tessie as a child dealing with a trauma and as an adult trying to protect her own child is so strong. You know her, you feel for her, but more than anything you want to know what the bloody hell went on and who did it.

It will frighten you and make you feel uncomfortable, it was make you excited at every twist and turn. But mostly it will infuriate you in the most glorious way.

There's not much I can say about this book, because the story is so tightly woven that I don't want to give too much away. Go away, read it and get back to me so I can be smug when you love it too.
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