17 Jan 2016

New Additions - January 2016



The Dark Days Club - Alison Goodman
Thanks to Walker Books

How Hard Can Love Be? - Holly Bourne
Thanks to Usborne Publishing

The Cunning House - Richard Maggraf Turley

Darkmere - Helen Maslin
Thanks to Chicken House

All The Rage - Courtney Summers
Thanks to Pan Macmillan

Thanks to OUP

Thanks to Chicken House

Not If I See You First - Eric Lindstrom
Thanks to HarperCollins

Boy X - Dan Smith
Thanks to Chicken House

Disclaimer - Renee Knight
Thanks to Transworld

Travellers Rest - Keith Lee Morris
Thanks to W&N

Beetle Boy - M. G. Leonard
Thanks to Chicken House

Fellside - M. R. Carey
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